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Some of the most important components of a healthy relationship are: At the end of this final step, teens should leave your program energized and ready to build healthy relationships with others.You want to make sure that they do not forget the key qualities found in healthy relationships, so leave them with a final reminder of what you've discussed before you finish.

As you encourage teens to end an unhealthy relationship as soon as possible, you should recommend a plan that stresses the following: Now it is time to empower the teens in your audience with some engaging discussion.You can do this by using the strategies below to help teens learn how to safely end an unhealthy relationship: 1) Start off with some open-ended questions to engage the audience: 2) Use a multimedia approach by showing a short DVD that illustrates how to end unhealthy relationships.3) Stress the importance of maintaining strength when ending a relationship by distributing the Esteem Bottles.The second greatest challenge is helping teens understand what TDV looks like.Many teens do not realize that sexual and emotional abuse are also forms of teen dating violence.

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Below are some ways that you can jump-start your teen dating program: 1) Start with some True or False questions that help call attention to teen dating violence myths: 2) Dispel these myths by reminding teens that TDV can affect teens of all races, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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